Palletizers are machines designed to automatically accommodate pallets containing boxes or products, this function has been lately assigned to robots; both technologies have their advantages and one or the other is recommended based on the conditions. In addition to minimizing the inherent problems of personnel such as turnover, training and errors, palletizers increase productivity substantially.

Palletizing robots require a careful selection and support, in addition to requiring a very professional implementation. G.I.Eicom* has palletizing robots, which along with an excellent implementation, can work reliably for years. Implement palletizing robots with the international support of G.I.Eicom*

G.I.Eicom* has an extensive range of palletizers and robots with very different characteristics that can be adapted to any market need. Virtually all those companies that complete their processes with full boxes, which subsequently have to be palletized can benefit from palletizing robots, particularly if the requirements constantly change and the formats are complex.


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