Even with excellent management systems and automation, each distribution center can develop a superior intelligence, when it is able to enrich processes and correlate these with the central management system. The WCS (Warehouse Control System), is the bridge to such superiority. Its functions are to improve the own processes and also enrich the intelligent dynamic of the center; thus, for example, the WCS is able to interpret when, in the process, certain SKU’s change to be from fast rotation to medium or low and allows the responsible to adequately locate at physically level these items, with the purpose that the technologies used are more in line with the volumes handled from each one, the result of this intelligence is, that the center itself operates as a living, intelligent entity that adapts to the dynamic changing every day, of the distribution center, providing more productivity and speed in the deliveries, besides adding accuracy. The base architecture of the WCS (Warehouse Management System) must be modern and

open in a way that creates independence in terms of growth, support and growth modularity or changes that the operation requires in the future. From the planning of the workforce, product analysis, balancing orders, tracking orders, the direction of the hardware like sorters, robots, AS/RS, Gantry, horizontal and vertical carrousels, or to manage information to a pick to light or pick to voice, unto diagnosis and alerts that the director of the distribution center requires, are possible with a good WCS (Warehouse Management System).

A select and experienced team of IT is at your service, to create and support this essential ingredient of a modern distribution center. Our specialists are happy to create strategic value to your operation.

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