An essential element within the logistics and materials handling are the conveyor systems. Their basic function is to move or accumulate products and they are used when the flows are significant to carry out the operation manually or by other methods. There are many types of conveyor systems and they come in different sizes and configurations in accordance to their application.

Essentially, conveyors are very simple equipment and among the most commonly types used in the market are: belt, chain, mesh roller, magnetic, pneumatic, wheel, and bulk conveyors among others; these can be installed into ceiling, underground to floor or aerial. They can be translational only or accumulative, which allow that the products, besides being transported, accumulate without pressure, when necessary.

Regarding the handling of boxes and packages, the most used conveyors are: belt or roller, gravity, accumulation belt or rollers, chain and mesh.

Any company that handles medium and high volumes of products uses conveyors either to just move, accumulate, assemble, organize, distribute, elevate or other specific applications.

G.I.Eicom*, provides a wide range of conveyors with the latest technology, for most applications and industries and we will be eager to help you select the most suitable conveyor(s) for your business.


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