As a generic term, this term applies to any type of transporter that follows an elevated route; However, within the jargon of material handling the meaning of overhead conveyor or overhead equipment has been used, usually driven by robust chains, which interspersed trolleys or are trucks with an attachment that allows to hang products in different ways; they are usually elevated allowing a free passage under them. They can make whimsical trajectories as required, including curves to different degrees, as well as ascents and descents according to need. In a standardized way, there are different types of chain and trolleys. The aerial transporters can be of only traction (power only) or always carrying products or moving and accumulating products (power and free). The most commonly used types are X-348, X-458 and X-678, which provide more or less size and capacity that can range from grams to tons. Air carriers of this type are very reliable and long-lived.

They are used in diverse types of industry where it is required to move flows of amorphous products although rarely they are handling regular products, they usually move metallic products in process, like for example taking parts to painting inside a furnace or finished; however, in general they can handle any type of product with the only restriction of designing their suitable hanging attachment.

Air carriers are widely used in the auto parts, automotive and white goods industries, but given their versatility, they are operating in all types of companies.

It is necessary the adequate support of our specialists to suggest and develop customized solutions using aerial transporters, ask your adviser G.I.Eicom * about the best solution for your need.


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