The horizontal carousels are air-type conveyor equipment in the form of a horizontal loop with suspended baskets that rotate together when receiving orders from a central system coordinated with the order fulfillment software; such baskets contain the products to be supplied. The baskets stop in front of the operator so that he takes the products indicated by the system. Normally they are placed in different types of arrangements, along with conveyors and racks in such a way so the maximum productivity is achieved. A system coordinated with the order fulfillment software, the WMS or the ERP indicates to the operator the quantity of items to be supplied by means of luminous displays and automatically updates the inventories.

The horizontal carousels are ideal for carrying out operations of assortment, consolidation of orders or temporary storage, thanks to its high efficiency, accuracy and visibility, handling all types of products.

Any type of industry that requires supplying hundreds of SKUs in a productive and efficient way can benefit from the advantages of horizontal carousels.

Companies of consumer goods, stores, food, sporting goods, electronics and pharmaceutical among many others use horizontal carousels successfully.

Our professionals are waiting to help you find highly competitive solutions with high performance horizontal carousels.

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