Order assortment systems have been progressing for decades; what has always been sought is to depend less on the human factor, to make it more accurate, more productive and more visible. The first systems as a process line were extensively used and still are, except that the migration towards the light guided process has increased; this means eliminating the classic assortment list. The Pick to Light or PTL or light-guided order selection system, allows orders to arrive from a server to the assortment line, where the items to be supplied are indicated in each position by means of luminous displays; the operator takes the amount indicated in it and confirms by pushing a button, the system registers the transaction in real time and makes the corresponding updates in the inventory, indicating what should be restock; the order travels to the different stations until it is completed.

The efficiency in a Pick to Light or PTL is substantially greater than in a manual system, it also reduces errors, allows adapting to staff turnover, avoids assortment lists and allows managing all the information with its inherent advantages.

The Pick to Light is a system for a medium-high flow of products; it is normally used in the assortment of items. All those companies that handle loose units with medium and high volumes, or a large number of SKUs can greatly benefit from this technology. For example, orders assortment in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food supplements, textile products or consumer products industries, among others. Our highly experienced experts are waiting for your call. G.I.Eicom* has different and modern types of Pick to Light (PTL) technologies that will give you exclusive benefits.


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