The Pick to Voice (PTV) or voice-guided command selection is a hardware and software system, which allows the operators to carry out the orders’ assortment by receiving verbal orders that the same system produces and to which it is fed back, also verbally. It is based on software that manages tasks through voice recognition software with portable terminals and headphones. A good Pick to Voice system must recognize a multitude of voices, accents and has to be able to learn while correlates itself with each operator, it must also allow dynamism to the client’s operation and independence to it, so that it has autonomy at the time to make new processes, add users, modify existing ones or any other change that is required. It must also be independent of the type of hardware used

Pick to Voice systems are highly beneficial and financially accessible. They provide reliability, productivity and flexibility. They are particularly beneficial when there are large numbers of SKUs with medium movement.

Any company with the need to supply complete boxes or pallets in a wide universe of references with average flows can greatly benefit from this technology, since the Pick to Voice allows accuracy, reliability and productivity, in addition to being prepared for the staff turnover and reducing training costs.

All types of customers use this technology; from food companies, e-commerce, convenience stores and large consumer products stores to auto parts companies have benefited from it.

The Pick to Voice (PTV) technology provided by G.I.Eicom* is a world leader and provides exclusive benefits that combined with a good process development, will give you key competitive advantages.


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