The miniloads are automatic warehouses specifically designed to handle boxes or containers with a uniform shape. Its function is to store and assort the boxes according to the system’s requests, updating the information in real time. The miniloads handle medium flows of products and can be installed in cold or clean rooms. The miniloads consist of one or more robots that move length and vertical wise through racks that contain the products to be store and supply. Once the location of the product is determined, it is taken or placed by the robot and the information is instantly updated. With miniloads it is possible to handle products up to 300 Kg and can take up to 4 products at the same time.

There are specific conveyors used in each type of industry; for example, the automotive, beverage, beer or distribution centers use equipment radically different.

There is a wide variety of applications with miniloads in both process areas and distribution centers.

Whether is used in food plants, assembly, pharmaceutical, distribution centers or others, G.I. Eicom* will help you to take the best choice for orders’ storage and assortment with modern and efficient miniloads; Let us study, design and implement the best option to your specific need.


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