Efficient picking of small parts

With a maximum of 500 lines per order of picking per station per hour, the Vertical Buffer Module LR35 optimizes the performance in the preparation of orders in small parts and light materials while ensuring high precision and energy efficiency. A station can consist of one or more units.

High picking performance – safe and accurate

The Vertical Buffer Module LR3 is a highly efficient storage and picking solution for light weight and small volume elements. Its high picking performance makes it suitable for use in many different areas: The system significantly improves productivity and energy consumption, either used to supply a production line for a wide range of products, such as buffering in the assembly area, or for the slow picking of the parts of the distribution warehouse. In addition, the pieces of great value are much safer thanks to controlled access.


Energy efficiency and integration

The Vertical Buffer Module LR3 uses only one third of the energy of comparable systems. The use of the latest technologies and innovative design features makes this energy efficiency possible. The recovery of complex energy is not necessary.

The Vertical Buffer Module can be incorporated flexibly into existing production and software systems, which simplifies integration into existing processes. A mix of trays and freight containers can accommodate up to four different heights within the Vertical Buffer Module LR35

In addition to barcode scanners for identification of goods and pick-to-light technology to increase picking speed and accuracy, the system can also be combined with existing transport systems, self-guided vehicles.




The Vertical Buffer Module features ergonomically designed picking stations to simplify the order picking process. The elements are inclined at an angle of 20 degrees to the access opening to ensure that the box is always presented to the operator in an ergonomically optimal position. This ensures that products can be easily recovered or stored.

The items are transported to the picking station, in line with the “Good to person (GTP)” principle in order to minimize the distance traveled by the operator. The cleverly designed Vertical Buffer Module design ensures sufficient space for the operator at all times.

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