Regarding the handling of pallets, when the conveyors deliver the product in the palletizing area, a complete tower is made on a wooden or plastic platform, normally, this conveyor usually weighs up to two tons and is often required to be sent to another area. where the forklift or transelevator will take it. These systems consist of several types of equipment such as: zero pressure accumulation conveyors, transfer conveyors, turntable conveyors or simply translation, the choice of one or the other depends on the required requirements.

Among the advantages of this equipment, we find:

  • Retrench of space.
  • Greater security.
  • Decrease or elimination of waste.
  • Rationalization and order in the operation.
  • Lower costs.
  • Improvement in productivity

Analyzing all the logic of your different processes, the best intralogistic distribution of the flows will be determined and will be accompanied by the best selection of equipment, in order to achieve a harmonious, productive and effective flow. During this process different types of conveyors, controls and software will be implemented that allow: the transfer, deviation, combination, transfer and accumulation of platforms in a safe way.

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