The AS / RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) or stacker crane is an automatic system that takes and delivers products within a warehouse; either in process, production or assembly plants or in their distribution centers. It is made up of cranes or precision robots, which can travel large distances and high heights quickly in order to provide high density and high storage capacity; they also include the software needed to manage the warehouse in real time; that is why is also known as an automatic warehouse.

The Miniload is design to assort orders of boxes, either in an independent autonomous system or for example, to complete orders that have to be supplied by pallet, more layers or individually. This system provides precision, speed and automatic information control. Therefore, the Miniload has to be considered as an automatic assortment system for orders in boxes.

AS/RS or stacker cranes are used when high storage capacity is a critical factor and/or when high storage density is required. Virtually they can be used in most companies, without restriction, including applications in cold rooms and clean room.

The AS/RS or stacker cranes store, manage and supply their orders automatically and are almost always connected to their information systems, such as ERP or WMS, in a bidirectional way, which allows receiving orders and delivering results.

Our experienced professionals will help you to select and implement your AS/RS systems, finding the best way to obtain results with integrated systems coordinated with your IT and guaranteeing a fast and reliable implementation.


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