The requirements of the market are increasingly demanding both in variety of products and in high rates, besides of demanding customize deliveries and even small batches and deliveries on the same day; this is where multi-shuttle offers great advantages. A multishuttle system is made up of small cars that move along racks allowing taking and putting containers or boxes quickly and selectively; thus becoming a machine that delivers orders with extraordinary efficiency and effectiveness with a permanent inventories’ update and the tracking of processed orders. The multishuttle system can handle orders of boxes or can be used for picking items as well because it has a very high productivity thanks to its philosophical conception, which is: the product reaches the man avoiding human travels that add time and significant inefficiencies.

Since this system requires a careful analysis, is essential to carry out a thorough study when using this type of technology; our trained engineers will advise you in the different disciplines required to successfully implement the multishuttle system that will boost your supply chain and will become a fundamental part of your strategy.


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