Product Assembly

A lot of companies belong to this sector, including the assembly of home appliance products, printers, computers, cellphones, sound equipment, medical equipment, cars, aircraft, among others. All examples share common issues, and each company has its own specific needs. For instance, white goods companies deal with the impending need to be highly productive, since the profit margin allowed by the market is tight, and their production volumes are high. Cellphone companies, besides high production volumes, require adapting to the quirks of trends during specific periods of type, and at the same time require special care, such as those related to electrostatics. Companies related to the aerospace industry require to follow strict manufacture and assembly regulations, and handle complex parts of various weights, some of which may be extremely heavy. Their strict regulations give priority to ensuring high quality, although also requiring competitive processes.

In general, all companies need to organize their process in a highly-productive manner that guarantees the quality, supply, competitiveness, and profitability of the operation. 

Ensamble de Productos

Whether the main importance of your product assembly needs is preciseness, safety, flexibility, productivity, visibility of your components on an informational level, or quality, among others; ore ven a combination of specific criteria for success, G.I.Eicom* has the knowledge and the supply of cutting-edge services and technologies to guarantee a successful operation regarding such crucial factors for your company to remain competitive in the commercial activities of today.

Allow us to help you design and implement excellent assembly systems and fully backup your organization’s corporate strategy. 


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