Order Assortment

For a large portion of the companies that handle multiple references, complying with their customer requests represents a true headache. Given the current market dynamics, the complexity is increasingly larger with each passing day. There are always new products, packaging, product mixes, new requirements imposed by the client, the need to reformulate or add new routes, among other challenges.

Fulfilling with timeliness and effectiveness the needs of your final and intermediary customers, whether associates, sales agents, or dealers; while ensuring the entire operation remains profitable is crucial. All new orders and the survival of the company will depend on such factors. Each particular need must be carefully analyzed and, according to such, all appropriate technologies for each case should be adopted. Order assortment represents the highest operational cost of the entire distribution center; and therefore, it is crucial to remain surrounded with effective systems that allow satisfying the operation demands and remain highly productive. 

Whether your need is assortment of items (SKUs), boxes, or pallets; G.I.Eicom* provides different types of technologies according to each specific set of requirements. 

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