Cross docking

Many distribution centers have a product flow that may move directly from the point of reception to the point of exit, since the same do not require any particular process within the site, unless it is consolidating with other products to conform full orders. This requirement is usually associated with handling pallets, although it also applies in a few cases to boxes or items.

A proper design of the order fulfillment will ensure that such products do not need to physically enter the warehouse, but indeed be registered on an informational level, consolidating with the general assortment so as to comply with the client orders. This process is called cross docking. 

Cross Docking

Such a type of operation may represent millions of dollars per year, and therefore the careful observation and resolution of this type of needs and opportunities may prove essential for the mechanics of an operation.

Contact our professionals, who will gladly help you find the best operational architecture that allows your company to ensure an agile, flexible, and efficient cross docking. 


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