Both plants and distribution centers present the need to classify products according to different criteria. Depending on the type of criteria, the type of intrinsic information, the type of product, the product size and flow; the type of technology and solution that provides more advantages is determined within a frame of maximum preciseness and tracking of information. From low product flows to high- performance flows, our solutions can classify hundreds of products per minute. This operation may produce millions of dollars per year, obviously depending on applying the best possible technology for each case. 


Guaranteeing the classification or sorting of high product flows is a duty of experienced specialists, since often we may find poor applications that result in the loss of investment, plus the substantial collateral losses, which tend to be a lot more significant; for example, the loss of a client or market given the terrible selection and/or execution of this type of system. G.I.Eicom* is a specialist in Mexico, with the most sorting systems installed, the largest in size and degree of complexity in the country. Allow our engineers to assist you achieving reliability and value in terms of sorters. Your prestige and peace of mind are our responsibility. 



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