When a project is fundamental in developing a strategy or as critical part of an organization, it is essential to reduce the risks to a minimum. It is usual that potential suppliers provide non-existent benefits in reality, most often through ignorance, some for lack of professionalism and others simply by mistake. Also the lack of knowledge within organizations, irresponsibility or mediocrity in decision- making, are part of these neuralgic errors. Whatever the cause is, there has been increasing and continues unfortunately, the quantity of serious strategic, operational and financial problems caused by wrong decisions.

Simulation is a tool, little used and known, as is often confused with commercial animations, in which everything looks nice and everything works. A simulation is a dynamic visual project that works as if in reality the operation is carrying out; the system makes calculations in real time, that is to say, at each moment and is correlated with all the variables of interest to show its behavior as will happen in practice. 


Simulation is relatively expensive and time-consuming, because it is not an animation, it involves to get to know the operation of the own program logistics and engineering, but it is worth it, since allows to correct at computer level, the fatal errors at field level.

G.I.Eicom*, owns the most sophisticated simulation tools and the expertise, developing complex simulations that have helped to optimize solutions with high strategic significance for our customers.

G.I.Eicom* will be happy to develop simulations that will avoid expensive mistakes and will help you to reach your goals and exceed your expectations and those of your customers. 


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