Engineering for Handling Materials and Logistics

Handling large flows of materials requires a lot of experience, depending on the flow itself, the shape of the product, its consistency, its finesse, of probable combinations of products, information associated with them, of the maximum possible speeds, how they should be delivered, the environment in which they will operate, of permissible trajectories, among others, will be the types of technology and layouts recommended. Engineering must also determine the most convenient arrangement, specifications and calculations of equipment including power, speed, accumulations, controls, sequences, support, either air, staring at walls or floor access, emergencies and maintenance. The system must provide the controls and information interfaces for real-time decision making and ensure better performance and greater capacity, under strict standards commensurate with the type of industry, environment and characteristics of each company. A good material handling system must know how to coordinate information and products safely and must guarantee maximum performance and minimum cost of ownership. Also, must specify the necessary collateral services, such as electrical, electronic, IT, pneumatic requirements, among others.

Interior logistics, meanwhile, is all universe of concepts, equipment and technology. It is important to think that from the perspective of adding value within the organization and to final customers; in one way or another this is bound to increase satisfaction and reduce costs. 

Ingenieria Manejo Materiales Logistica

To know about logistics, IT, engineering for material handling and general engineering are required ingredients to develop comprehensive solutions that guarantee productivity, flexibility, visibility, accuracy, in short that generate customer competitiveness and enable serve better and reduce costs, which will result in a better market position, its income statement and balance sheet.

G.I.Eicom*, develops valuable concepts from the internal perspective of the organization and from the perspective of customers, after all, it is useless an inner satisfaction without the customer satisfaction. G.I.Eicom*, is synonymous of excellence in concepts and high-performance applications that generate competitiveness and cost reduction.

Logistics involves sometimes specific studies that may require simulations to minimize the risk of theoretical studies that may result in critical errors for your organization, the GIEicom * experienced professionals are always in the best position to create high value-added solutions that become an excellent competitive tool for your company. 


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