Shuttle Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

The Shuttle Vertical Lift Module is designed to save space, maximize assortment preciseness and productivity, as well as to automatically fulfill orders and manage inventories. Useful area increases tend to be up to 75%, with productivity increases up to 60%.

The Shuttle Vertical Lift Module (VLM) consists of an internal arrangement of racks, loaded and unloaded by a precise robot by means of an order. The same stores or delivers the requested orders at an ergonomically set counter, updating such transition and the remaining inventories in real time. Orders may be given to the system by means of manual commands; even through its operation is fully automatic. Orders may also be sent from a computer network related to the order fulfillment activities, WMS, or ERP.

Whether the main requirement is to save space, guarantee a proper warehouse management, safeguard neuralgic or valuable parts, ensure the assortment quality, increase productivity, kitting, and other purposes, VLMs provide an outstanding solution for multiple needs. Depending on the size of the products and the equipment itself, vertical carousels may handle tens of thousands of products. 


VLM shuttles may be applied in all industrial and corporate sectors. Some examples may include pharmaceutical, automotive parts, hospitals, and food processing industries, assembly of all types of products, and many more. Vertical carousels may be installed in cold rooms, clean rooms, office spaces, and all types of industrial environments. They may also handle various types of parts, from small items to pallets.

Our specialized VLM shuttle area will advise you in selecting from the list of systems, such that best resolve your requirements and needs. The same may include remote support, if required. Allow the G.I.Eicom* professionals to assist you adding value, and minimizing costs, errors, and space. 

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