Pick to Voice (PTV)

Pick to Voice System, or PTV, voice-guided system, is a hardware and software system that allows the operators to perform the order assortment by receiving verbal commands reproduced by the system. The system also receives oral feedback. It is based on software that manages tasks, and contains a voice- recognition software in portable terminals and headphones. An effective Pick to Voice system should recognize multiple voices and accents, and should learn as it correlates to each operator. The system should also allow a dynamic client operation and independence from it, so as to be autonomous when performing new processes, adding users, modifying existing users, or any other type of change as required. The system should also be independent from the type of hardware employed.

Pick to Voice systems are highly beneficial and financially accessible; provide reliability, productivity, and flexibility. These systems are particularly beneficial when there are large amounts of SKUs with medium movement.

Any company with the need to sort full boxes or pallets with a wide range of references under medium flows may highly benefit, since the PTV system provides preciseness, reliability, and productivity, while also prepared for rotating staff and reducing training costs. 

All types of clients employ this technology; from food processing companies to electronic commerce, as well as convenience stores, large food stores, consumption products and automotive parts: all have benefitted from it.

PTV technology supplied by G.I.Eicom* is a world leading technology, which allows unique advantages that, combined with a proper process development, will provide key competitive advantages. 


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