Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal carousels are overhead conveyor systems with suspended trays arranged in a horizontal loop that jointly rotate by receiving orders from a centralized system coordinated with the order assortment software. Such trays contain products to be assorted, and stop in front of the operator so that he may take the products indicated by the system. This system usually allows three types

of arrangements jointly with conveyors and racks so as to maximize productivity. A system coordinated with the order fulfillment software, the WMS or ERP, indicates the operator, by means of lighting displays, the amount of items to be assorted, and automatically updates the inventories.

Horizontal carousels are ideal to perform assortment, order consolidation, and temporary storage operations with high efficiency, preciseness, and visibility, handling all types of products. 

Carouseles Horizontales

Any type of industry that requires assorting hundreds of SKUs in a productive and effective manner may benefit from the advantages of horizontal carousels.

Consumption goods companies, retail stores, food processing stores, sporting equipment, and pharmaceutical, among many other companies, successfully employ horizontal carousels.

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