Spirals, as their name indicates, are conveyors with a spiral shape that provide for high product flows with flat, rigid bottoms, interconnecting two or more different levels. The main belt is actually a tri-plane chain that allows reliably pulling the full length of the spiral, including the product handled. Besides being safe, spirals are silent and don’t require too much power. Manufactured in different widths, heights, capacities and speeds, spiral conveyors adapt according to the user’s requirements.

Spirals may work lifting or lowering product flows in a high rate, fluently and reliably, and may receive and deliver products in different positions. The cost of acquisition of spirals is slightly high. However a thorough analysis will demonstrate the advantages of choosing spiral whenever the space or application provides for it.

Spirals are frequently employed in processing plants, whether foods, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, among others, as well as in distribution centers.

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