Merges are devices that employ conveyors and controls to join in a common line products coming from different lines. A specific type of merge may be required depending on the types of products, their weights and flows.

We may find merges in systems and handle high product flows. Although designed for handling different products, we employ merges for flat, rigid bottom boxes and some packages, such as those handled by various courier and shipping companies. Merges may handle product flows above 3 boxes per second for these types of products, requiring a great general expertise both in material management and in controls for proper design and implementation. 


G.I.Eicom*, studies each particular step, choosing and designing a tailor-made solution for each application.

Merges are a crucial part of systems that handle a high product rate, and are employed by different types of companies, such as food, personal care, pharmaceuticals, couriers and shipping companies, among others.

G.I.Eicom* has a wide range of merges, which may be customized based on the user’s needs. 


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