Market requirements are increasingly demanding both in product variety and high rates, while requiring tailor-made deliveries, even with small batches and same-day deliveries. This is where multi-shuttles offer excellent advantages. A multi-shuttle system consists of small karts that move along the racks, allowing the retrieval and delivery of containers or boxes with great speed and selectiveness; thus becoming a device that fulfills orders with extraordinary efficiency and efficacy, with permanent inventory update, and tracking of processed orders. The multi-shuttle system may handle box orders, or may be used for picking items, delivering top- class productivity, since its philosophical design is that the product is delivered to man avoiding human movement that adds significant time and inefficiencies. 

Since the system requires a thorough analysis, a conscious study is important when venturing into this type of technologies. Our trained engineers will assist you in the various technical skills required to successfully implement the multi-shuttle system that helps your supply chain and becomes a crucial part of your strategy. 


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