Miniloads are automated storage systems specifically designed to regularly handle boxes or containers. Their function is to store and sort boxes according to the requests delivered by the system, updating the information in real time. Miniloads handle medium product flows, and may be installed in cold or cleaning rooms. Miniloads consist of one or more robots that move in a straight, vertical line through racks that contain the products to be assorted and stored. After determining the

location of the product, the robot retrieves or delivers it, updating the information instantly. Miniloads allow handling products of up to300 Kg, and retrieve up to 4 products at the same time. 


There are specific conveyors employed in each type of industry; for example the automotive industry employs conveyors that are radically different from other conveyors employed by industries such as the beverages or beer industries, or distribution centers.

Miniloads have a wide variety of applications both in processing areas and in distribution centers.

Whether it is in food processing plants, assembly lines, pharmaceutical companies, distribution centers, or otherwise, G.I.Eicom* will assist you in selecting the best choice for storing and fulfilling orders through modern and effective Miniload systems. Allow us to review, design, and implement the best choice based on your specific needs. 


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