AS/RS Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)

The AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) is an automated system that collects and delivers products within a warehouse; whether it is in processing, production, or assembly plants, or within their distribution centers. The AS/RS consists of crates or precision robots that may move through great distances and heights at a fast rate so as to provide a high density and storage capacity. The AS/RS systems also include the necessary software to manage the warehouse in real time. This is why it is also known as automated storage system.

AS/RS systems are usually employed for moving boxes, usually referred to a Miniloads, and pallets. The system also provides for systems that mix both technologies.

The Miniload serves by fulfilling box orders from an independent autonomous system, or to complete parts of orders to be assorted with pallets, individually or with more layers. The system provides preciseness, speed, and automated control of information, and therefore must be regarded as an automated box order assorting system.

AS/RS systems are employed whenever the high storage capacity is a critical factor and/or when the high storage density is mandatory. AS/RS systems may be used in virtually every company, with on restrictions, including applications in cold rooms and cleaning rooms. 

AS/RS systems store, manage, and fulfill your orders automatically, almost always connected to your information systems, such as ERPs or WMS in a two-way channel, which allows receiving commands and delivering results.

Our experienced professionals will assist you in selecting and implementing your AS/RS systems, whether stacker cranes or Miniloads; finding the best way to achieve positive results with coordinated systems integrated with your IT and guaranteeing a fast and reliable implementation. 


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