Palletizers (Palletizing Robots)

Palletizers are machines designed to automatically stock pallets with boxes or products. Such function has been increasingly assigned to robots. Both technologies have their own advantages; each of them being more recommended depending on the company’s specific conditions. Besides minimizing the problems intrinsic to the staff, such as turnover, training, and errors, palletizers substantially increase productivity.

G.I.Eicom*, offers a wide range of palletizers and robots with very different features that may adapt to any market needs. Virtually all companies that finish their processes with full boxes to be subsequently palletized may benefit from palletizing robots, particularly if their requirements are evolving and their formats are highly complex. 


Palletizing robots require a careful selection and support, as well as a professional implementation. G.I.Eicom* provides palletizing robots that, along with an excellent implementation, work reliably for years. Adopt palletizing robots with the help of G.I.Eicom’s* international support. 


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