A/Frame System

The A-frame consists of two sets of dispensers arranged in an ‘A’ shape. A belt conveyor flows through the center of such ‘A’ and collects the items automatically delivered by each dispenser. At the end of such belt, the items corresponding to such order are delivered synchronously to the corresponding box. Orders for the a- frame derive from the general assortment software from the Warehouse Management System (WMS). It is usually part of a major system where items of medium and low rotation are assorted by other means. The items provided by the dispenser may also fall directly within the boxes that, in this case, pass through the A-frame.

It is a technology made for high rotation, frequently employed in systems related to the cosmetics industry, medicines, and consumer products. 

When your compliance systems require an A-frame, our experts will assist you identifying which items are correct and how to integrate them properly so that your system as a whole provides more added value to your company and clients. 


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