Automated Guide Vehicle System (AGVs)

Automated Guide Vehicle Systems are a technology that provides the ability to perform unit movements of different kinds of products that, due to their shape or to the type of movement, may not be convenient to handle with conveyors. Often, although not in all cases, these systems handle heavy loads in repetitive paths.

This technology was developed a few decades ago and slowly progressed. However, in the past few years, the technology has taken a new leap thanks to the advances in software and electronics that have provided them with more versatility and reliability. Thus, or instance, from traditional magnetic floor guides, limited to fixed paths, the paths may now be modified and such guides are no longer required. Consequently, the applications for this technology have increased, even to replace conventional forklifts by handling pallets, since the AGVS perform the same duties without the need of an operator. 

AGVs may be implemented in almost every field of industry with appropriate conditions to avoid conveyors; for instance supplying specific products to processing machines, or receiving and delivering pallets on an automated storage facility. Its greatest advantage, in this case, is that the device does not turn into a fixed obstacle; and is capable of modifying its path at will. There are already artificial intelligence applications for these systems, which allow them to “think” and decide their own paths regardless of obstacles, which may change, and that the AGVs may review and understand. These systems are being frequently employed in assembly “lines” and distribution lines thanks to their versatility. Certain car manufacturing companies, for example, employ AGVs as a basic element to assemble the parts and/or units under processing in different stations until the units are finished and are transferred by the same AGVs to the finished product warehouse.

Given that the use of AGVs requires experience in their application and selection, our specialists are at your disposal to recommend the most adequate vehicle(s) to adapt to your needs. 


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