Personal Care

The personal care industry carries a high volume of production of different products and presentations that must be operated under exacting corporate standards, since the market impact is very sensitive to issues of supply and quality. Products from processing machines must be evacuated quickly and packed with quality and delicacy, before being transferred to the warehouse or distribution center. Such management requires experience and reliable equipment that almost never stop, unless when minimum preventive maintenance. G.I.Eicom* experienced engineers have developed successfully, a multiple of high-risk applications with a great capability, for the most prestigious companies in the personal care industry. 

Cuidado Personal

In the distribution centers, we have all the technology to make this the best under the requirements, from the warehouse management software fully automated systems, they can be supplied and designed to fit the needs. G.I.Eicom* knows the importance of the reliability of its operation and knows that its customers demand the best product in the form, time and cost. Contact one of our consultants to develop your turnkey system. 


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