High, medium, or low product rotation, thousands of items per day, thousands of internal and external customers, fast deliveries, and product restitution are some of the factors struggled with by cosmetics companies on a daily basis.

For the cosmetics sector, fully adapting the distribution center to operate as a fully integrated and competitive whole, or order selection processes, batch

classification, temporary storage, and information tracking are routine activities at G.I.Eicom*.

Combining cutting-edge technologies with ideal innovative concepts, it is possible to face even the most demanding challenges.


Whether it is with A-frame; Pick-Put to Light, Pick-Put to Voice, AGVS, automated storage (AS/RS), or storage and operation management software (WMS-WCS), G.I.Eicom’s* professionals are here to assist you in finding the most convenient system for your specific needs.

We understand the importance of remaining competitive in a market with sufficient alternatives, and we know the importance of remaining reliable for your clients and shareholders. 


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