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With modernity also come consequences, many of which pose serious challenges for the planet; the control of global warming, resulting from the emission of various gases, particularly the so-called greenhouse gases, is one of these challenges. It combines this problem, the great migration, water scarcity and pandemics, this entails a number of behavioral and social change, so that ecological, social and economic balance is achieved.

Speaking of sustainability, the use of renewable energy is highly desirable, given the impact of non-renewable resources like oil. Practices, materials, equipment and technologies to be used must adhere to international standards, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), framing regulations aimed at minimizing the impact of industries and distribution centers. The selection and implementation of the elements of a project, from its inception, including its

location, considering the provision, type of materials, mass transport access will impact its sustainability. We should all be part of this movement that should not be a fad but a culture of life for this and future generations.

The various attempts at environmental solution from the original Montreal Protocol, Kyoto and Copenhagen trying to resolve, while innovations are forcing a shift to culture and sources of clean and renewable energy. Over 80% of companies in developed countries are taking green initiatives.

You can create a sustainable supply chain. Ask our experts how to help the planet, your company, your family and yourself; G.I.Eicom*, has a broad sustainable knowledge that in addition to support our habitat, provides an excellent option for investors, as usually the called green projects present interesting investment return rates; as an example, the reduction in energy costs, which typically becomes 60% of that used by conventional means. 

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