Our Advantages

Our Advantages:


Unique blend of values, knowledge, experience, technical and human resources that lead to more certainty and more net income for your organization. A G.I.Eicom solution* is a guarantee that works, is a guarantee of return of your investment and above all, it is guaranteed that will work permanently. 


Engineering concept:

As an engineering organization from start to finish, G.I.Eicom*, provides a single framework of concepts, technology, projects development standards and ongoing field support or remote for all systems that creates and installs. 


Development engineering:

The large number of major projects carried out by more than 25 years, have allowed the creation of development protocols and control systems that guarantee the offered solution, exceeding your expectations. A G.I.Eicom* project develops on precise functional specifications and good engineering practices that step by step, ensure the expected results. 


Permanent support engineering:

Even the best concept with the best development, require the best timely support, the service staff is a trained resource available to you, either in person or online, to ensure continued function of your operation. 


Systems engineering:

G.I.Eicom* integrates the best software packages on their systems, but also creates its own applications in areas where it is essential, either as part of the personalization of the project or because there is no standard application. The systems area supplies next-generation technologies with tools that no other vendor has. 


Human resources:

G.I.Eicom* has the optimal mix of human and technical values, of experience and youth that with a genuine desire to serve and the availability of classical and modern knowledge, create high value-added solutions, that become in solutions of maximum strategic value for our customers. 


Customer-company loyalty:

The repeatability of transactions and long-term relationships with our customers, show the high degree of satisfaction of these and mutual interest and benefit to be derived from a relationship based on human, technological and service quality. Therefore, G.I.Eicom*, is the undisputed leader in the Latin-American market on Central and North America.

Política de Privacidad

Te recordamos que tus datos están resguardados bajo la Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales, no se transmitirán ni se negociaran con terceros y solo serán usados con el propósito de brindarte un mejor servicio.