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Material Handling & Logistics Solutions


Tel. 52 (55) 5894.7814 | 01 800 00 EICOM(34266) | Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra spambots. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla.

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  • Their basic purpose is to move or store products, and are employed whenever product flows…
  • Shoe Sorters are designed for high flows of products with flat, rigid bottom. According…
    • Sorters
  • Order sorting systems have progressed in the last few decades; the ultimate goal has evidently...
    • Picking
  • Coss belts are sorters built with small belt conveyors attached to each other…
    • Sorters
  • AVGs are a technology that provides the ability to perform different types of unitary movements...
  • Is an automated system that collects and delivers products within a warehouse; whether...
    • Picking
  • Narrow belts are machines designed to automatically stow pallets with boxes or products.   
    • Sorters
  • Palletizers are machines designed to automatically stock pallets with boxes or products. Such ...
  • Pick to Voice System, or PTV, is a hardware and software system that allows
    • Picking
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"Turn Key" Solutions

24 / 7 Local Support

Pre-sale / After-sale Services. G.I.Eicom* supplies the technical, operational, and commercial consulting to provide the best solution to your problem.

Greater Productivity

Committed to hearing the needs of your company. Out G.I.Eicom* Logistics Specialists allow you to design a realistic cost-benefit plan.

Who we are


Our Company

Gieicom is an intra-logistics engineering transnational company headquartered in the State of Mexico.


Our Customers

A long list of satisfied customers regard us as their best choice of a business partner.

Our Advantages

A genuine interest in finding the actual solution to resolve our customers’ problems.


Privacy Policy

TWe remind your that your information is safeguarded under the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data. Your information will not be shared nor negotiated with third parties and will only be employed with the purpose of providing better services for you.


Along with modernity have come its consequences, many of which pose serious challenges for the planet, such as controlling global warming derived from the multiple gas emissions.


Join the Team

Complete a career at GIEICOM. If you are a responsible and proactive individual with a hardworking spirit, we offer the opportunity of developing in an excellent work environment.